Live Saltwater Fish Food Combos.

Buy live fish food combos for sale with Free Shipping, no minimum. Get copepods and amphipods and some of each type of live zooplankton and phytoplankton in one affordable package.

Here you find a variety of saltwater marine plankton to feed your reef tank aquarium.


We have a large assortment of live fish food cultures and Aquarium food for sale to choose from. Aquarium food for every type of reef fish and animal.

All your sea life pets like corals and fish will benefit from eating live prey animals on a continuous basis. Live fish food has all the necessary vitamins and other things like fatty acids and live enzymes that are not present in processed fish food.

Aquarium fish will have healthier lives and exhibit more energy when fed the natural food they normally eat on the worlds reefs.


Types of organism cultures are:

Live Mysid

Live Amphipods

Live Tisbe Copepods

Live Tiger Pods. Tigger copepods.

Tiger/ Tisbe Pod Mix

Live PhytoPreme Micro Algae (6 Types)

Live Nannochloropsis, Nanno.

Live Newly Hatched Baby Brine Shrimp

Live Reef Soup

Live Marine Rotifers

Chaeto Macro Algae