Copepod Combos

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Get Copepods combo packs to maintain a constant supply of live fish food.

Copepods are live prey items fish food for fish like dragonets mandarin fish, anthias, angelfish, pipefish, cuttlefish, chromis,dwarf Seahorse,jawfish and many more plankton eating fish.


Sub Tropical marine species. Herbivorous, Eats microalgae, Phytoplankton. Excellent live fish food source for clownfish, Mandarins, Seahorses, Filter feeding organisms, Coral, to name a few. If you establish a breeding colony in your aquarium you will have a continuous live food supply. High omega fatty acid content, and lipids.

Our live Copepods are true sub tropical saltwater species.They are part of our ocean reefs zooplankton. Which means that they will survive and thrive in most of our marine aquarium/refugium environments. RUSALTY Copepods are aquacultured under the same basic environment like our reef tank aquarium systems at home.


Which makes Copepods an ideal prey species for corals, anemones. Also small fish and larvae and fry that need to feed on live zooplankton. Great for Seahorses, Dragonet’s, Mandarins and many other hard to adapt fish species.  


We believe that culturing these little critters will go a long way to achieving that holy grail in reef keeping of having a balanced almost self sustaining ecosystem aquarium at home.