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Color enhancing coral food for all corals.  Also good as clam food, Fish food, zoanthids food, feather duster food and others.  Particle  size : 250 microns or smaller.

This coral food is an all 100% natural dried zooplankton: Whole dried organisms.  

Contains a mix of various Copepod types, Rotifers, Phytoplankton, naturose, Arctic Pods and more.

Zooplankton is what our corals consume in the wild. This product is an excellent substitute to live feeds for a lot of our filter feeders and corals in our aquariums. Although live feeds are always the best, this is an excellent substitute.  Made with Naturose.

Food For most of the animals in the saltwater aquarium tank like Coral, Clownfish, Seahorse, Mandarin, damsel fish, SPS, LPS, anemone

This product contains:

Immunostimulants,  Antioxidants,  Astaxanthin,  essential  minerals  and Vitamins, Phospholipids, Omega- 3 Fatty acids.

This feed will stay suspended in the water column, allowing extra time for fish and corals to consume it before it settles.  Other food products float or settle,  and instead of getting eaten,  ends up becoming waste  in the aquarium system.

Fish will love it too!

Excellent food for Saltwater fish and freshwater fish.

This product was designed by hobbyists for hobbyists.


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Coral Love it!
Written by Gonzalo Lassally on 17th Jan 2020

Got great polyp extension when adding this product. Worth the buy!