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Feeder Shrimp 500 cnt bulk package for sale. Aquacultured saltwater shrimp variety.


Wholesale Feeder Shrimp or Grass Shrimp (Palaemonetes Pugio.)


This wholesale quantity of feeder shrimp is packed in one box by itself so you will notice a separate shipping charge just for this box.


Buy Feeder in bulk wholesale and save, get some shrimp together with Amphipods so you give your fish 2 sizes of the best live fish food and forage animals.



Email flmantis@aol.com for inquiries on bulk quantity prices of some organisms.

Lower cost shipping and better prices for bulk packaging large quantity.


Important please read before purchasing feeder shrimp.


Shrimp can arrive with the water quite turbid, this is no cause for alarm. There can also be shrimp molts in the bag which look like dead shrimp bodies.


We pack 25% more shrimp than the quantity ordered to compensate for the few doa's.


Prepare a container with clean saltwater. 


Pour shrimp through a net to remove them from the turbid water.


Then place all the contents of the net in the clean water. Discard any dead shrimps.


At this point you, can count the live shrimp if you feel that it's not the quantity you ordered.


Please follow this procedure before contacting us for doa claims.


If this takes a little longer than the 2 hours after delivery, don't worry about it just email us if you have concerns at that point.




  Reasons to buy saltwater Feeder Shrimp and ghost shrimp and combine with some Amphipods.



Rusalty Aquacultured Feeder shrimp are the best live fish food for fish such as Cuttlefish, Squid, Seahorse, Angler fish, Frog fish, Grouper, Marine Betta, Octopus,Eel, Ribbon Eel, Clownfish and many more saltwater fish.



Aquacultured in USA saltwater marine variety grown at ANF for many generations in captivity.

Feeder shrimp cultured at normal Seawater Salinity. 1.022- 1.025. Acclimation is easy. Just acclimate like regular fish and corals. Our grass shrimp or feeder shrimp are aquacultured and climatized to live and thrive in our aquarium reef tanks.


One of the pics shows the feeder shrimp cleaning our chaeto in our vats. This allows our Macro Algae to grow nice and clean and healthy.

Feeder shrimp not only clean live rock and substrate but it will keep your saltwater plants and macro algae looking pristine and growing.

Feeder Shrimp will eat the unwanted nuisance slime algae and prevent it from coating your Chaeto and macro algae plants which eventually will strangle the macro and prevent it from getting enough light to grow.



Due to high demands on some weeks, these shrimp cultures can sometimes take a week to ship from the day you place your order.

 This rarely happens but if this is the case, we will notify you or you can email and ask us at flmantis@aol.com.

 We will try our best to accommodate your immediate shipping requirements.

Feeder shrimp grass shrimp shipped on Mon, Tues, Wed.


 Feeder Shrimp will readily reproduce and spawn in your aquarium tank, producing juvenile shrimp of all sizes adding to the bio diversity in your reef tank.


Fish of all sizes will feast on the smaller feeder shrimp and will get the nutritional value that live forage animals provide.


Introduce some feeder shrimp or grass shrimp to your refugium they will act like a cleaner crew to keep it clean.


Use saltwater feeder shrimp or saltwater grass shrimp as vacation food when your going to be away from your aquarium tank.

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Feeder Shrimp Bulk
Written by Amy P. on 9th Mar 2023

Perfect size, perfect for my Predators who only eat live food

Feeder Shrimp Bulk
Written by Amy P. on 4th Mar 2023

Such a great big bag of monster shrimp! Absolutely zero DOA's and my Predators are loving them.

Feeder Shrimp Bulk
Written by Amy P. on 24th Feb 2023

Perfect quantity, quality, size and price!

Feeder Shrimp
Written by Chris on 20th Feb 2023

Love the shrimp! Healthy with not too much die off.

Feeder Shrimp Bulk
Written by Amy P. on 18th Feb 2023

Wow! So big I was ready to get the cocktail sauce out

Feeder Shrimp Bulk
Written by Amy P. on 2nd Feb 2023

UPS strikes again, holding up my shipment and delivering my box later than expected. I got lucky that some were alive and RUSALTY took care of replacing my deceased Shrimp. I call that top notch business dealings.

Feeder Shrimp Bulk
Written by Amy P. on 25th Jan 2023

My fish absolutely love these feeder shrimp and I can gutload them with nutrients my fish need.

Saltwater feeder shrimp
Written by Patricia on 9th Jan 2022

These were actually saltwater shrimp! I didn’t have to try and acclimate them because they said they were and ended up being freshwater shrimp that can be fed to saltwater creatures! I have a lot of guys who really enjoy the hunt and these guys allow exactly that. They are healthy and maybe end up with 10 die off when just dumping them right into the tank when rushed and not thinking. Majority of these shrimp have eggs about ready to pop when shipped, haven’t really seen fry yet but I doubt the fish allow them to really grow when they do hatch. 200 shrimp easily last me a month so it will be nice to find a way to get them to reproduce eventually without the monthly fee, but I am just glad to find someone who actually sells saltwater shrimp that are in saltwater! Wasted so much money on shrimp saying they were saltwater but shipped in water that is maybe brackish if at all and trying to acclimate them just doesn’t work above brackish. Not all grass shrimp are sold will be saltwater shrimp, however, these are!

Feeder shrimp
Written by Travis Judd on 28th Apr 2020

I ordered 200 shrimp and only had one dead on arrival I live in Illinois and y’all are in Florida!!! Their packaging is amazing definitely be doing business with them again

My fish love these treats!
Written by Wade Richardson on 6th Jun 2019

Although the water in the bag was cloudy and smelly (which is to be expected when shipping invertebrates 74/75 were alive and acclimated well. My fish love these treats! I will for sure be purchasing again.