Blue Planet 2

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Ultra blue sponge colony growing on live rock.

Blue Planet Sponge for saltwater reef tank.


We have been culturing the original wild specimen sponge colony for 5 months and it has proven to be hardy, easy to keep and very adaptable to differing aquarium conditions.

This sponge will add color to any tank even if you already have many coral, this sponge will outshine most corals in it's growth form and bright blue color.

Pictures taken under normal spectrum sun light, no blue light needed to display the color of this sponge colony.

You receive the entire colony of approximately 6"-7".

No need to baby our Blue Planet sponge, just place it anywhere in the tank and don't worry about giving it nay particular lighting or water flow.

Of course you will want to display this specimen prominently, highly visible in your display. Maybe move aside some coral to make room for it.


This sponge will become the highlight of your reef tank display.