Grass Lettuce

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Grass Lettuce Required

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Grass Lettuce macro algae frag for sale.

This sea lettuce algae is naturally rooted and attached to a small rock or shell like you see in the pics.

Ulva Intestinalis also known as Gut weed or Grass Kelp, Sea Lettuce

No more having to deal with your lettuce algae floating around in your aquarium or refugium.

Grass Sea lettuce provides a great ground cover and striking color to the saltwater reef tank.

It will grow like grass on your substrate and live rock work.

This is an excellent habitat for Amphipods, Copepods and other shrimp and small crabs.

Great for seahorse tanks and habitat, seahorses will love to cling to this macro algae and forage for saltwater pods among the green fronds.

This is a new strain of saltwater plants that we have developed which we grow rooted to a small rock frag.

We culture them over a bed of small live reef rocks and they naturally attach themselves and start growing on each small rock or shell.