Arrive Alive Guarantee

Please read before buying our live copepods and amphipods for sale and other saltwater aquaculture products.

We guarantee live arrival of our aquaculture specimens: Amphipods, Copepods, Snails, Macro Algae, Mysid Shrimp, peppermint shrimp, phytoplankton, live saltwater fish food.

But certain conditions must be met. This being said.

The conditions are:

#1 Someone must be present to receive and inspect the package on the first delivery attempt.

#2 We must be notified of DOA (dead on arrival) within 2 hours of first delivery time.


If these conditions are met, we will then, at our discretion, replace or refund the cost of the DOA item.

If you chose to pay for shipping, and there is a carrier service failure, we cannot refund or reimburse for what you paid for shipping.

Carriers do not guarantee their service anymore and do not honor claims for failed service.


These are live Copepods and Amphipods organisms. They cannot survive outside in the weather or in your mailbox for any length of time.