Saltwater Plants Info

Buy mangroves and Saltwater Plants to maintain a healthy water quality and a refuge for fish and invertebrates.

Buy Sea grass to have a healthy sand bed and healthy habitat to encourage the growth of your copepod amphipod breeding colony populations.

If you buy Mangroves and buy sea grass you have one of the best saltwater plants that you can add to your aquarium.

Take a look at the bright red extended healthy prop roots in the pictures of our mangroves.

We are the only nursery in the world that takes the time to meticulously grow our mangroves in a natural habitat and take the time to grow these prop roots before we ship them out to you.

Mangrove trees are a great addition to the saltwater coral reef Aquarium. They will improve water quality immensely. All the waste from fish or uneaten food particles will eventually produce intolerable levels of Nitrogen and phosphates. These are highly poisonous to fish and invertebrates alike. It happens that nitrogen and phosphates are basically fertilizers and very nutritious to plants. So we saltwater hobbyist have begun in recent years to figure out ways to introduce and grow macro algae successfully in our aquarium systems. Fresh water hobbyist have been using plants to beautify and help clean and purify the aquarium water for many years now. Everyone has been trying to grow macro algae (saltwater plants). But a lot of the beautiful reef fishes are constantly picking and eating them. So usually we end up growing them in our refugiums. But this does not allow us to have the plants displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner, hidden underneath in the sump.


Sea grass is a natural habitat shelter for all the coral reef ocean animals such as fish , shrimp, crabs, seahorses, and most others. You can see the reaction form your pet fish when you introduce sea grass for the first time because they will immediately feel more relaxed and at ease in their aquarium tank.


Great for planting submerged in freshwater aquariums. The extensive prop root system will become the natural home for crustaceans. mollusks, and invertebrates. Excellent plant for shrimp tanks. In the wild, shrimp live in the mangrove root system. It is their natural habitat. Great for Shrimp tanks. Amano, Cherry shrimp,Chrystal red shrimp, etc…..


Plant some in your beta bowl. 


Now here we have one of the few actual plants that grow in saltwater in the world. Actually a tree. The beautiful mangrove tree that grows on our coasts. It functions in nature as a shelter for the fish nests, baby fish fry, while constantly purifying the water in our near shore and water estuaries. It is a marvel of nature that a tree can synthesize its freshwater intake from saltwater.

When you buy Red Mangrove seedlings your providing the ideal habitat for your saltwater reef aquarium. Mangrove plants absorb nutrients and purify saltwater.

Our trees will be acclimated to your indoor, ambient light, or small florescent bulbs.

Provide an all around more harmonious, healthier, and peaceful, less stressful, environment for your miniature ecosystems at home.

Great haven for copepods to grow in. Your copepod population will explode on these mangrove roots.

Roots provide a shelter for fish ,crabs, shellfish, shrimp, fish fry, and other small critters.

Discus's will love these trees with their shade and beautiful attractive large root system.

Seahorse hitching post (on the roots)which is where seahorses spend a lot of their time out in the wild.

Mussels, oysters, and scallops will love attaching themselves to the roots (as they are found in the wild)

Beautify the look of your aquarium with cascading roots of the Mangrove tree seedling.




While mangroves have a very high tolerance for salt, they are still basically a freshwater photosynthesizing plant. So spray them with a little fresh water on the leaves every couple of weeks or so. You can use a spray bottle or even your hand. This is to replace the function that rain water has in the wild. You are basically washing the salt buildup on the leaves periodically.

The more a plant photosynthesizes, the more nutrients it consumes to grow larger faster. So the more light lumens it gets the more it will purify your water and grow.

Under low light conditions you would really want at least one seedling per gallon of water. Or you can wait until they grow larger ( 8 to 12 months). The more light you have the less mangroves you need. But all of us Aqua hobbyists know about that electric bill.