Pods + Phyto

Pods + Phyto

Copepods for sale and Phytopreme Live ( Phytoplankton) together in a combo and save.


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Get our famous Copepods cultures together with Live Phyto Copepod Food. Phytopreme Live Copepods Food to feed saltwater Pods and Amphipod food in your aquarium reef tank.

Phyto is also essential for many other organisms like corals, croacia clams, Gargoians, Feather dusters. And all other filter feeding organisms.


Copepods are great for seeding your saltwater tank and refugium. With this combo you also get the live phytoplankton algae to feed the copepods and all the other filter feeding organisms in your reef tank. Use live copepods as fish and coral food.

Copepods Live Phytoplankton Combo Live Fish Food coral Food

5T Mix + Phyto

Get Copepods Mix 5 types + Phytoplankton for Sale. Buy aquacultured Copepods and Copepod food together.     Copepod phytoplankton combos include:   Copepod mix 5 types of aquacultured copepods. Tisbe, Pseudo, Acartia, Parvo,...
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Tigger Pods Copepods Phytopankton Combo Live Fish Food Reef Tank Aquarium Amphipods

Tigger Pods + Phyto

Copepods and Phytoplankton get Tigger Pods plus copepods food Phytopreme Live.     Live Tigger Pods Copepods and Phytoplankton Algae Concentrate.   Tigger Tiger Copepods Highly concentrated. Feed your copepods colonies in your reef...
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Tigger Pods Tisbe Pods Live Copepods Phyto Combo Coral Fish Food Phytoplankton

Tigger Tisbe + Phyto

Tigger Pods and Tisbe Copepods  and Live Phytoplankton Concentrate. Get the best price for Copepods, Phytoplankton combos.   Tigger and Tisbe Copepods Mixed.   Plus a same size portion of our concentrated Copepod Food PhytoPreme Live...
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Tisbe Pods Copepods Live Phytoplankton Combo Tisbe Biminiensis Mandarin Fish Food

Tisbe and Phyto

Tisbe Copepods and Phytoplankton Micro Algae Concentrate. Get both Copepods and phyto Copepod Food together and save.     Tisbe Biminiensis best copepod to get for mandarin fish food and all other aquarium reef fish food. Tisbe is the...
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Copepods Reef Soup Phytoplankton Combo Live Fish Food Coral Food zooplankton

Reef Soup + Phyto

Live Copepods Reef Soup + Phytoplankton for Sale.    This combo includes Copepods Reef Soup and Phytopreme Live copepod food phytoplankton.   Reef Soup is a mix of 6 types of aquacultured copepods.   Tisbe, Pseudo, Acartia,...
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