Copepods for sale at the best prices and get the highest density of copepods for sale available on line.

 Get Copepods, Amphipods, and all the different sizes and types of live saltwater fish food prey animals delivered to your door.


Blends of different types of Copepods. Tisbe (Tisbe Biminiensis) Tigger Pods (Tigriopus Caifornicus) Parvo Calanus  Pseudodiaptomus Acartia Tonsa, Apocyclops or Ape Pods.


Buy high density cultures of copepods Reef Soup copepods by the gallon and feed Anthias, cuttlefish, seahorse,mandarin, gobies, angelfish, chromis, jawfish, corals and more.


You can't introduce too many copepods to your reef tank. Copepods are part of the category of animals called zooplankton in the worlds oceans and are also found in all bodies of water.


Copepods are like tiny microscopic water filters. Copepods  will not add nutrients to your system they will enhance your water quality.


There is no danger of over feeding your tank like with non live feeds, due to the fact that copepods are live organisms. They stay alive until consumed by your fish and corals and can reproduce in your system as well.


Get Copepods to help control nuisance algae types like hair algae etc... copepods can be considered a micro clean up crew to help with water quality.


We are producing this copepod blend so marine hobbyist can now achieve the next generation in saltwater reef tank marine aquarium keeping. Our captive kept fish in our home aquariums have innate responses to live copepods suspended in the water column. This copepod mix is instrumental in allowing them to achieve all their full beauty and full life cycles as they would in the wild.


Get Copepods to feed your aquarium once or twice a month and you will notice unbelievable reactions and increased growth from all your animals, like corals of all types, hard to feed finicky fish such as Butterfly, Mandarins, Dragonettes, Seahorses, Pigmy Angels, Blennies, etc. Mollusks, Clams, Oysters, Scallops, a list too numerous to continue.

Buy a whole saltwater plant like our cultured red Dragons Tongue macro to go with your copepods to provide a home for your copepods.


Our Saltwater Aquariums or captive reef environments have an important dependence on zooplankton like Copepods and Amphipods and Phytoplankton to achieve maximum growth potential and vitality potential.

Live Copepods Mix Tisbe Acartia Parvo Pseudo Pods Tigger Pods Live Fish Food Mandarin Fish Food Saltwater Aquarium Reef Tank

Mix 5 Types

  Copepods Mix 5 Types Copepods for sale. Get high density copepod cultures. Copepod Mix includes: Tisbe Biminiensis Copepods plus 4 other copepod types.  Fish and corals need the balanced nutrition derived from copepods.   Buy...
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Tigger Pods Tisbe Copepods Mix Live Fish Food

Tigger + Tisbe

$29.00 On Sale
  Tigger Tiger Pods + Tisbe Copepods blend Comes loaded with a mix of Tigger Copepods and Tisbe Copepods. Get copepods at the best prices for sale online.   Copepod Combo Pack has the two best types of live Copepods fish food to...
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Eating Copepods

Reef Soup 6 Types

Copepods Reef Soup for Sale. Blend of 6 types of Copepods at the highest densities and best prices.   Get Copepods with guaranteed delivery service to receive the freshest possible specimens to your door.     Why buy Copepods for the...
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