Live Baby Brine Shrimp Buy Guide




STORAGE:  Can be kept alive for approximately 10 days in refrigerator, but THEY WILL HAVE TO BE FED.  Cold slows down their metabolism, so they go about their daily activities but in slow motion. This means they eat less and grow slower. Leave cap off the bottle.  Gently stir the water every couple days. This will enable fresh oxygen to replenish & help the shrimp to suspend themselves instead of gathering on the bottom. 

FEEDING:  Your artemia/baby brine shrimps will arrive with tetraselmis & nannochloropsis Isochrysis algae. Three highly nutritious single cell algae. This accounts for the green tint in the water. A good rule of thumb to determine the right amount of feed for your artemia, is to keep the water in the bottle a slightly cloudy light green color. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO FOUL THE WATER UP IN A SMALL VOLUME BOTTLE BY OVERFEEDING.  

Artemia are primarily filter feeders. Remember, they are live animals, so they must be fed.  A product such as our “ROTI -FOOD” and “Phytopreme Live Algae” is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for them. They can also be fed dry powdered algae, or brewers yeast. These feeds don’t have as much nutritional value as special feeds such as our nursery PhytoPreme Live, but they still will keep the artemia alive and growing. Just remember that the baby shrimp’s nutritional value to your live stock is only as good as what they ingest.

FEEDING ARTEMIA TO YOUR FISH AND OTHER ANIMALS: Simply pour your portion into a separate container and let sit until it reaches approximately room temperature. This is to prevent drastic change in temperature from the refrigerator to your tank water. Remember, these are live critters. You can use this time to add some vitamins or a product like our PhytoPreme Live to your brine shrimp to enrich them before feeding but it is not absolutely necessary.