Saltwater Fish Food Info

Saltwater Fish Food info. You Get Whole Organism. Concentrated Copepods and Zooplankton.

Since there are difficulties in keeping enough live saltwater fish food in our aquariums, we have developed non- live saltwater fish food products to supplement the live fish food.


Announcing our new hatching whole organism fish food. Fish and coral food that hatches in your aquarium.

If you buy coral and fish food products they also feed your corals. You will be providing a highly nutritious fish food diet for your aquarium reef tank.


This saltwater aquarium food is unique in the world today. We have developed the first organically harvested whole organism packed in liquid form which can be kept refrigerated for long term use.


Take a look at the selections under category Saltwater Fish Food. You will find concentrated bottles of copepods, rotifers, mysid, mysis, fish eggs, oyster eggs, urchin eggs. These saltwater fish foods contain all the vitamins and essential elements like omegas, fatty acids, etc.. that our captive raised fish, seahorses, corals, and invertebrates eat in their natural environment.

Aquaculture Nursery Farms is constantly developing these special unique aquarium foods. Not available anywhere else in the world. Some of our fish foods even have live zooplankton eggs that will hatch in your aquarium tank.


To provide a healthy and productive life for the animals that we keep in captivity, live fish food, nutrition and enrichment's are needed. Live saltwater plankton, such as copepods, rotifers, mysid, amphipods, macro algae, saltwater plants, Live phytoplankton etc.