Coral Colonies Captive Grown

When you buy our captive grown coral colonies for sale your getting a strain of coral that is very hardy. Get live captive raised coral colonies with Free Shipping.


These strains of coral are priceless for the future of our saltwater aquarium hobby.

Feed some of our live coral food to your reef tank and be surprised at the results you see.


Why are these corals in this category so important for our reef aquarium hobby?


This collection of aquacultured coral colonies are the result of years of development in stress environment adaptation.


Reasons to buy captive raised corals for sale by Aquaculture Nursery Farms:

Fast growing strains of coral.

We have been growing these coral colonies for over 10 years in captivity.

These strains of live coral colonies have proven themselves to survive the most adverse conditions.

Poor water quality.

All kinds of lighting.

Temperature swings.

This means that when you buy our captive raised Corals you will receive a coral colony that will easily adapt and thrive in your reef tank home aquarium.