About Us

We are a marine sea farm. Our products are not available through middle men or re sellers.

You are buying directly from the grower when purchasing our products such as copepod amphipods live saltwater organisms cultures, live fish food, phytoplankton.

We have been immersed in aquaculture development since 1989, and have developed new ways to culture and grow marine saltwater organisms as well as freshwater.

Our continuing goal is to study and develop this area of biodiversity, saltwater larvae development and fry rearing such as clownfish, seahorses, Mandarin gobies, Dragonettes, and many more applications while continuing to discover applications for species that have yet to be developed in captivity.  Along the way, we have come up with some very useful tools and products.


We are now offering these products to the general public. We welcome all who have the heart, dedicated energy, and all around fascination with the unexplored new frontiers of our earth's oceans and waterways for the flora and fauna that make up 70% of our planet. 

Here you will find innovative and useful products and tools for developing aquaculture. Products manufactured by ANF are used by professionals and hobbyists alike


If you are a professional in the business of aquaculture or aquatic nursery, if you are an advanced hobbyist or even a beginner "hands-on" aquarist and like to harvest your own fresh live foods,we believe you will find our tools like our micron mesh sieve, and our larger stackable sieves very useful and a convenient way to harvest your zooplankton and Phytoplankton.

We have developed live feed products such as Hatchable Decapsulated Brine shrimp eggs (Artemia cysts).(Great Salt Lake Strain: 95% hatch rate or better), live Rotifers, newly hatched Brine Shrimp, live feeder shrimps, live mysid shrimp, live Copepods, and live Amphipods.