Saltwater Aquarium fish for sale.

Live exotic saltwater fish specimens for reef tanks.

Hard to find and never before offered species of saltwater fish.

Hypocampus Errectus Yellos Seahorse

Yellow Seahorse

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Yellow Hypocampus Erectus live seahorse.   Adult 7 inch plus in length.   This Yellow seahorse specimen has a large percentage of yellow pigment coloration.   Seahorses have the ability to change coloration hues similar to...
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Breeding pair of Dwarf seahorses. Captive Bread.

Captive Bread Dwarf Seahorses

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Introduction to our special Captive bread Dwarf seahorses.   Tank raised seahorses can be more adaptive than wild caught dwarf seahorses to being transplanted from our culture aquariums to your home display aquarium.   Our captive raised...
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Scorpion fish for Sale. Also called Barbfish.

Scorpion Fish

Scorpion fish or also known as Barbfish for sale. Size 1"-2".   Bottom dweller, likes to perch using it's wing like fins.   Coloration of the scorpion fish can rival the color of many live corals.   When he swims he uses his fins as...
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Seahorse for sale. Full grown specimens live seahorses

Seahorse Adult

$175.00 On Sale
Seahorse for sale. Hypocampus Erectus Seahorses are one of the most majestic animals in the ocean.      Rusalty seahorse has been eating constantly from day one in our care.   Disease free healthy specimen. It has no visible...
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Pipefish for sale with free shipping for saltwater aquariums.


$27.00 On Sale
Pipefish for sale. Pipefish live well with seahorses, dwarf seahorses and other slow moving peaceful aquarium inhabitants.   Pipefish are slow moving by nature and will spend their day laying on macro algae and other saltwater plants waiting for...
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Rare Orange Dwarf Seahorse Specimens available on line for sale.

Dwarf Seahorse

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Where to buy tank raised seahorse? and Dwarf Seahorses.     The best place to buy Dwarf seahorses would be a full scale aquaculture facility like Rusalty that is able to keep and raise the seahorses in the most healthy environment by...
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