Bulk Wholesale

Bulk Wholesale

Wholesale copepods by the gallon in bulk and save.

Wholesale copepods, best prices on line

We package high density mixes of Tisbe, Parvo, Pseudo, Apocyclops, Tigger Pods, and Acartia Pods.

This is the most cost effective convenient way to get the most copepods for your money to feed live zooplankton to your reef aquarium tank.


Buy Copepods in wholesale quantities and get the best prices on line with highest densities of pods to start your own copepod culture at home. You can achieve your own sustainable live copepods to feed your saltwater reef tank.

You have a steady supply of Copepods in wholesale quantities at an affordable price on a monthly or by-weekly basis.

Try Copepods by the gallon and you will be amazed at how many pods we can pack in larger volumes of water compared to the old 8oz and 16oz.

If you have a smaller reef tank just get sieve sifter with a 120um micron mesh and run the gallon of Copepods slowly through it and then pore into your tank.

You can discard the shipping water although it is also very beneficial to your aquarium in the sense that it has live phytoplankton micro algae in it.

Alternatively you can remove 1 gallon of water from your tank and then pour the entire contents of our gallon of copepods and watch all your corals and fish light up with the infusion of live plankton swarm in the water.

Live Copepods Reef Soup Fish Food Buy Copepods Mix of  5 Types Tigger Tisbe Parvo Acartia Pseudo Pods Aquarium Tank

Reef Soup by the Gallon

$139.00 On Sale
Copepods Reef Soup Blend of 6 types of pods for sale in bulk or wholesale Copepods at the best prices online.   Shop no further you have found your dependable wholesale source of Copepods live fish food and coral food, delivered to your door...
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Buy Copepods by the gallon with Free Shipping and Save. Get live food and bulk.

Tisbe + Tiger Pods

$129.00 On Sale
Tisbe Copepods and Tiger Pods by the Gallon wholesale and save buy in bulk.   Get Tisbe copepods by the gallon.   This is a mix of Tiger Pods and Tisbe Pods. 2 of the best hardiest copepod types. Maintain a healthy reef tank aquarium with...
5 (2)
Buy Live Copepod Mix For Sale by the Gallon and save. Free Shipping.

Mix 5 Types Pods

$129.00 On Sale
Buy Copepods Mix by the Gallon in bulk and save. Get Wholesale quantities of Copepods.        5 Types of Copepods: Tisbe Copepods, Apocyclops Copepods, Acartia Copepods, Parvo Copepods, Pseudo Pods.   Our wholesale Copepods...
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