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Amphipods Cultures.

Amphipods for sale are a great Live forage animal to introduce and establish in the reef tank aquarium.Benefits when you buy amphipods as live fish food mandarin fish food and live food for seahorses from for your saltwater tank.Our cultures of amphipods for sale at ANF are a hardy strain adapted through many generations to life in captivity. Grown in closed recirculating…

Copepods as food for fish and corals.

Many reasons to buy Copepod Blends as food for Mandarin fish and corals.Ocean animals like Mandarin fish, seahorses, corals, squid, cuttlefish, shellfish, clams, all the way up to the great whales, depend on eating live copepods as an integral part of their diet. Live copepods and Phytoplankton are the best live fish food you can feed your saltwater reef aquarium tank. When you…