Plankton Nets


Buy Plankton Net get the best prices and quality. Plankton Nets for sale of all micron mesh sizes.

Catch Copepods with our plankton nets. Get your own live fish food to feed your saltwater aquarium reef tank.


Great for catching Live Copepods, Mysid Shrimp, Zooplankton, Fish Larvae etc..


What is a plankton net?


Also called:


Copepod Net


Plankton Collection Net


Plankton Tow


Zooplankton Net


Used for catching zooplankton.


Our Nets will catch any organism in the microscopic to slightly larger than microscopic size.


Each time you use this net you will feel like your experiencing a new adventure when you observe the variety of small animals that inhabit the plankton zones in our worlds oceans and water ways.

Some of the animals you will encounter are fry and larvae (newborns) of seahorses, Clams, Oysters, copepods of all types. 

All kinds of fish fry, squid fry, and a multitude of other animals that inhabit the planktonic zones in the ocean as part of their life cycle. 

Our Plankton nets are the product of 20+ years of trials and development in harvesting and studying plankton in the real world environment out in the oceans. When you buy our plankton nets you get the benefits of our 20+ years experience in the field of aquaculture.

Our plankton nets are made with the finest materials. Non corrosive, UV, saltwater proof, zooplankton nets.

ANF Plankton Nets are used world wide by Research scientists, professional aquaculture Facilities and Aquarium hobbyists alike.

Made rugged to withstand daily use in marine saltwater environment, repeated cleaning with chemicals like bleach.

Performance unequaled by none.

Plankton net Copepod 6a

Plankton Net 6" Copepod Net

Buy Copepod Plankton Net 6" for sale.  Get Plankton Net harvest Live Copepods. Best Prices and Quality. Reasons to buy Copepod plankton net:   Catch your own copepods to feed live zooplankton fish food to your reef tank aquarium. Plankton...
Copepod Plankton Net 12

Copepod Net Plankton Net 12"

Buy Copepod Plankton Net 12" for sale. Get constant supply of live copepods Mysid for your saltwater fish and coral tank aquarium. Buy Plankton Collection Net and harvest your own  live copepods, Mysid, Mysis Shrimp, fish larvae, and many other...
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Amphipod Plankton Net Full

Plankton Net 8"

Best Plankton Net 8" Copepod nets for sale. Use our plankton nets to catch copepods and other live fish food zooplankton to feed saltwater reef tank aquariums. Harvest fresh copepods from the ocean and provide the best most nutritious live food for fish...
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