Live Copepod Mix Reef Soup

Buy copepods mix reef soup. Get 6 types of pods. High density at affordable prices available by the gallon. Free Shipping.


Get Copepods Reef Soup online and provide the best variety and highest concentration of pods mix to your reef tank aquarium available anywhere.



1. You can’t add too much Reef Soup to your tank. These microscopic animals won’t adversely affect water quality.


2. Zooplankton are like tiny microscopic water filters. Reef Soup will not add nutrients to your system it will enhance your water quality.


3. There is no danger of over feeding your tank like with non live feeds, due to the fact that these are live organisms. They stay alive until consumed by your tank inhabitants and can reproduce in your system as well.



 6 kinds of live Phytoplankton (Marine micro algae) Isochrysis, Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis

 5 species of live copepods. Tigger Pods, Parvo, Acartia, Pseudo, Tisbe. Sizes from 40 mic to 3 mil. Including nauplii to adults.


Packed in sterile saltwater. Ready to feed directly to Aquarium. After simple acclimation procedure. Instructions included with package.


This mix of zooplankton is unique. You will find that these tropical copepods adapt easily to your aquarium and they will start to reproduce and eventually live permanently in your system.


This Live “Reef Soup” blend is intended to be a convenient, affordable, steady supply for feeding live zooplankton directly to marine aquarium systems.


We are producing this zooplankton blend so marine hobbyist can now achieve the next generation in Marine aquarium keeping. Our captive kept specimens in our home aquariums have innate responses to live zooplankton suspended in the water column. This reef soup is instrumental in allowing them to achieve all their full beauty and full life cycles as they would in the wild.


These portions are densely packed with live phytoplankton and zooplankton.

Purpose is to simulate plankton blooms out on the oceans reefs.


If you feed this soup to your aquarium once or twice a month you will notice unbelievable reactions and increased growth from all your animals, like corals of all types, hard to feed finicky eaters such as Butterfly, Mandarins, Dragonettes, Wild Seahorses, Pigmy Angels, Blennies, etc. Mollusks, Clams, Oysters, Scallops, a list too numerous to continue. All of our captive reef environments have an important dependence on Zooplankton and Phytoplankton to achieve maximum growth potential and vitality potential.