Saltwater Rotifers

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Reasons to buy live rotifers on line.


This rotifer strain is one of the most important live feed items in the food chain. It is used all over the world in production nurseries, fish and invertebrate farms and utilized for culturing and raising saltwater animals such as corals, vertebrate and invertebrate larvae of all kinds of species, fish and shrimp, crustaceans, etc.

In the past few years, our nursery has started to provide and make available this valuable step in the food chain to hobbyist as well as smaller scale breeding operations.

BENEFITS: Using rotifers as live food for home aquariums will provide a very necessary link in the food chain in your miniature ecosystem at home that we call aquariums. This, in turn, will allow you to have a more balanced aquarium habitat because you will be introducing microfauna into your system.

These rotifers are in the 150 - 350 um size which creates the crucial link between single cell algae and larger zooplankton in your tank, like different species of copepods, amphipods, and shrimp.

We, as hobbyists, are starting to become aware of the difference between feeding dead food such as frozen or freeze dried, as opposed to feeding live organisms to our pets.

It is a lot more beneficial to introduce live organisms as food such as copepods or rotifers and live micro algae phyto, mysid shrimps etc., because they will stay alive and may even reproduce in your system if conditions are right.

Live foods tend to enhance your ecosystem instead of adding decaying matter. That is why traditionally, we try not to overfeed dead food into our tanks because all the excess that does not get found and consumed, will basically just decay, rot and pollute the pristine water conditions that we are trying to achieve with all our eternal water changes etc.

From a small hatchery operations point of view, obtaining your live cultures from us will free up valuable time spent developing your own. We believe that we have developed a cost effective solution for supplying you with the healthiest, most nutritious zooplankton cultures combined with low shipping cost for the most density available on the market.


Our rotifers can be used to feed most types of corals, newly hatched fish fry and larvae, seahorse fry, copepods, and amphipods. You will notice an immediate reaction from your corals if they have never been fed live zooplankton in your aquarium. They will open up and stick out tentacles that they hardly ever revealed before. Their soft bodies will puff out to 3 to 4 times their size. It is just amazing to watch their reaction. After 3 to 4 weeks their colors will become more vibrant.


We grow our rotifers with 6 kinds of algae. We also feed them a solution of omega 3 fatty acids, HUFA, Marine lipids, various vitamins (C, B12, etc) and trace elements. We use these rotifers in our own aquaculture development.

Notice in the pictures we show the rotifers in water without algae. Even though the rotifers are in the microscopic size range, notice in the photo without magnification you can see the product. You can't see minute details with the naked eye, but since these rotifers are adult size you can see them in the swarm because of the high density packaging we prefer.

We harvest your rotifers the morning of shipment to ensure you get the freshest possible culture and we package them in 6 types of algae:Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis, Isochrysis, Pavlova,Thalassiosira  weissflogii, Synechococcus.