Live Phytoplankton

Live Phytoplankton

Buy live phytoplankton for sale. Keep the populations of copepods thriving in your reef tank by feeding live phyto copepod food. Get free shipping no minimum order.

Live phytoplankton also known as Phyto Marine micro algae Phytopreme and starter cultures of dense nannochloropsis algae and Isochrysis Saltwater Phytoplankton.

Live Phytoplankton helps maintain water quality in the Saltwater Reef Tank aquarium since it eats toxic waste like phosphates and Nitrates. 

Highly concentrated food for copepods and other zooplankton. Also the best food for Rotifers,  Brine shrimp Food. Clam food and many other filter feeding organisms and corals.


Phytopreme is a Live Phytoplankton blend of 6 types of micro algae.

Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis, Isochrysis, Pavlova,Thalassiosira  weissflogii, Synechococcus.

Phytopreme blend of 6 types of live saltwater micro algae. Used as copepod food, rotifer food, brine shrimp food, moina and other types of zooplankton.


For growing your own Phyto cultures get the best fertilizer called Phyto- Food.

Great live coral food. Use this live saltwater phyto as food for marine aquarium reef tank.

Isochrysis Live Phytoplankton copepod food micro algae Starter Culture saltwater Copepod Food


Isochrysis Galbana. Marine Saltwater Phytoplankton starter culture. This type of Live Phytoplankton brown micro algae culture is one of the most nutritious algae to use as food for copepods, marine fish and corals. Buy Fertilizer Phyto-Food to grow...
Live Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton Saltwater marine micro algae starter culture


Nanno Nannochloropsis Buy Micro Algae. Get Free Shipping dense starter culture. This is a dark deep green starter culture of Phytoplankton Nanno or Nannochloropsis saltwater micro algae. Concentrated cells. Intended for starting algae phyoplankton...
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Phytoplankton Live Saltwater Micro Algae Copepod Food Coral Food

Phytopreme Live

 Buy live phytoplankton to feed and culture copepods. Phytoplankton is also good for feeding corals in the reef tank aquarium. Get the best Copepod food phytoplankton Phytopreme Live, feed your copepod culture and corals the best phyto algae food...
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