Best place to buy copepods to feed your reef fish and corals live prey animals. 

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Copepods for sale are becoming an integral part of the Reef Aquarium.

Copepods are the main live food source for aquatic animals and fish in the ocean.

Get Copepods to feed your aquarium reef tank and refugium the most nutritious live fish food by infusing your tank with copepods on a routine basis. 


Copepods are part of our ocean zooplankton. Which means that copepods will survive and thrive in most of our marine aquarium/refugium environments.

Copepods are used to the same basic environment as are most of our reef systems at home. This makes these copepods a great species to seed a marine tank. 


Copepods have a wide size range from nauplii to breeding adult. Which makes live copepods an ideal prey species for corals, anemones. Also fish and larvae and fry that need to feed on live zooplankton. Great for Seahorses, Dragonet’s, Mandarins and many other hard to adapt fish species.


 Copepods for sale at rusalty or micro crustaceans (zooplankton) are one of the final links not only in the food chain but in the natural environment chain, that we have been lacking in our aquarium systems at home.


Copepod species for sale are in all the worlds oceans and waterways, and they provide an essential and integral part of the natural ecosystem. They balance out our aquarium systems at home.

Copepod culturing will go a long way to achieving that holy grail in reef keeping of having a balanced almost self sustaining ecosystem aquarium at home.


Copepods for sale are an essential element necessary for the aquaculture hobbyist to maintain a truly balanced natural aquarium.


Buy Copepods for sale of these types Parvo, Acartia, Tisbe, Pseudo, Tiger Pods, Apocyclops.


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