Livestock Availability

Most of our saltwater organisms are grown in house so we try to have those available all the time but sometimes we get overwhelmed by sales coming in faster than our growth rates and we have to take the time to regrow those items before we can have them available again.

Rest assured that we do our best to maintain our culture populations for the demand and we are constantly improving and expanding our grow facility.


We don't have unlimited supply of our items. If it's something that our divers have to find and get like sponges or gorgonians then there is no telling when we get more of each type and how many. Usually some of these items are more rare than not, like octopus, sponges etc and some macro algae also.

When we harvest organisms from the wild reefs we very carefully extract or catch each specimen by hand literally. This process takes longer than the traditional snatch and grab or worse harvesting methods of divers with outdated collecting practices.

We don’t do it the easy way, we choose the slower more time consuming collecting method that ensures you receive an animal that is as physically healthy and stress free as possible from their home on the reef to your aquarium tank.


If you have your heart set on a curtain item just be patient and subscribe to the newsletter. We always send out the notification when we are back up in growth numbers and available again.