Mysid Shrimp and Pods

Live Mysid shrimp for sale or also known as Mysis are one of the most beneficial live food organisms essential to achieve a well balanced diet for reef fish, corals and seahorses. Get all the size ranges to provide the best variety of live food for your saltwater reef tank aquarium.

Pls Shrimp or Post larvae shrimp for sale. Get feeder shrimp to feed seahorses and sea dragons. Cuttlefish and more.

Amphipods 2000 and Mysid 500

Buy live Amphipods and Mysid shrimp together in a combo and save.   Cultured Amphipod to feed small mouthed fish and seahorses.   Cultured Mysid stage PLs Shrimp feeder shrimp.   Mysid size range: 6mm- 12mm   Get the best live...
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Mysid stage PLs Feeder shrimp for sale.

Pods 1000 and Mysid 200

You get 1000 Amphipods and 200 Mysid stage PLs Shrimp shipped to your door for Free, 1 day express.   Buy the two best live prey plankton for your saltwater reef tank aquarium.   Each organism packaged individually, pathogen free...
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Mysid Mysis Shrimp Saltwater Feeders Live Fish Food Coral Food Reef Tank Refugium

Pods 500 and Mysid 100

Best live food cultures to feed seahorses and mandarin fish.   Buy live marine fish food and aquarium food and save with Free express overnight shipping.   Get the 2 best sizes of live aquacultured prey organisms to feed fish with small...
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