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If you buy Copepods and Amphipods Phytoplankton to feed your fish on a continuous basis you will be introducing micro fauna zooplankton into your reef tank. This is the way to achieve a well balanced whole life cycle aquarium habitat for your fish and corals.


Live Mysid, Amphipods and Copepods cultures available on demand delivered to your door fresh.

Buy live copepods Reef Soup, this mix of live copepods and live phytoplankton is the fish and coral food that these animals eat out on the wild reefs.


We produce Live copepods Reef Soup as an affordable source that allows you to continuously buy live copepods in bulk quantities for your reef tank aquarium. 


We have cultures of Live Amphipods.

Amphipods are one of the next larger sized live fish food items called zooplankton in the food chain. Buy live Amphipods and Tisbe Pods to feed your fish and seahorses.

See these articles in this section for information on each type of coral and fish food we produce here at Aquaculture Nursery Farms.