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Buy Live Coral Colonies for sale.

Best prices on line. Large variety of coral colonies for sale for your reef tank saltwater aquarium, add some live copepods to your coral order so you can feed live zooplankton to your corals and get Free Shipping.

Some colonies available are Brain, Goniastrea, Leptastrea, Montipora colonies, Chalice, Australian, Zoanthid Palythoa Colonies, Button Polyps, Platygyra, Hammer, Torch, Rhodactis, Mushrooms, Hairy Mushroom, Clove Polyp, Pectina, Star Polyps and many more.

Large whole coral heads full coral colonies here.

Here at ANF you can also find live coral food, live copepods, live rotifers, Phytopreme Live algae to go along with your purchase of live coral colonies for sale. 

Get some sea grass to display and grow with your corals and reef tank aquarium.

What you see in pics is what you get.

One Picture taken under normal light 50/50 LED.

One picture taken under blue light.


Coral Colonies ship Mon- Wed. If you have a specific day that you need delivery to occur let us know and we will accommodate you.

Squares on grid under coral colony are aprox. ¾ inch so you can see the size. These ship with no signature required unless requested by buyer.

Arrive alive guarantee: Someone must be present to receive and inspect and acclimate corals on first delivery attempt. DOA’s must be reported within 2 hours of delivery. We need a picture of the DOA coral. If these conditions are met we will issue an in store credit towards next purchase. These coral colonies are all one of a kind so they cannot be replaced in rare instances of DOA. 


Saltwater corals Tunicates for Sale

Black Hole Tuni Coral L

Black Hole coral Tunicate large specimen. Extra large Size: 6" whole colony coral. Live Tunicate corals for sale for reef tanks. Tunicate corals do not require light they are non photosynthetic. Very hardy organism that is easy to keep and grow in...
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Black Tuni Sponge coral Colony

Black Hole Tuni Coral XL

Black Hole Tunicate coral extra large whole colony specimen. Extra large Size: 6"+ whole colony has over 12 heads on this rock as you see in the pics. Compatible with all types of corals like sps, lps,stonies and softies. Tunicate corals are non...
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Fire Staghorn Bryo Coral

Forrest Fire Staghorn Bryozoan coral colonies for sale not frags.   Very hardy specimens easy to keep so you don’t need to baby this coral. Just give it high to moderate light and good water flow.   You will not be disappointed with...
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Bryozoan Colony coral for Sale.

Red Planet Bryo Coral

Bryonzoan whole colony coral for sale. Red Planet Bryozoan Chalice coral.   This coral will be the highlight of your reef tank aquarium. Requires no special lighting or blue lighting to show it's splendid coloration. Pictures taken under normal...
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Red planet Bryozoan whole colony for sale.

Red Planet Bryo Coral XL

Bryonzoan chalice coral whole colony for sale. Red Planet Bryozoan coral Size 7". This coral will be the highlight of your reef tank aquarium. Requires no special lighting to show it's splendid coloration. No special blue light needed for this color...
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Strawberry Tunicate Combo

Strawberry Tunicate with Black hole Tuni combo rock. Size 3"-4".  As you see in pics one of a kind. Has over 8 heads. Tunicates corals are a great way to add to the maintenance of water quality since they are constantly filter feeding. Free...
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Strawberry Tunicate for Sale

Strawberry Tunicate Coral XL

Strawberry Tunicate Coral for sale extra large specimen. Size 5". Whole Tuni colony. Tunicates corals are great filter or siphon feeders that help purify water in the saltwater aquarium. Tunicate coral colonies are non photosynthetic which means...
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Red Spotted Wonder Woman Tunicate coral.

Wonder Woman Sponge Tuni

Wonder Woman Tunicate sponge colony for sale. Size: 5" This Tunicate sponge colony for sale is one of a kind and rare find for sale on line or in the aquarium trade. Buy whole coral colonies not frags. Home grown in USA, Florida species. For more...
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