Phytoplankton Culture Info

Buy Live Phytoplankton Phyto and Get Concentrated Cells. Culture your own Phyto.

If you regularly buy live phytoplankton algae like nannochloropsis, Isochrysis and Phytopreme, you will be introducing food for copepods into your aquarium.

Phytopreme Live is our own blend of live algae. We have an affordable source of live phyto. So now you can buy live phytopreme phytoplankton to feed your saltwater tank on a regular basis. These unicellular phytoplankton are the base of the food chain and they are starting to be recognized as an essential part of a well- balanced reef system. We feel that aquarium hobbyist should be able to take advantage of this valuable resource of live feed for their home aquarium like commercial nurseries have been doing for years.


Now you can grow your own phytoplankton at home in small quantities and provide a continuous live source of the best nutrition for your saltwater aquarium fish inhabitants. It is not that difficult to grow your own continuous culture of marine algae in small liter bottles. Dose 1 milliliter (1/3 cap) per 2 liter water. A 4 oz. bottle of Phyto- Food is enough for 125 two liter bottles of algae growth. Our Phyto-Food will come with written instructions for correct dosages, storage, and use. The instructions will explain step by step on how to culture your own phytoplankton on a small scale at home.


VALUABLE USES FOR LIVE MICRO ALGAE: Feeding filter feeders such as Feather dusters, and Mollusk (clams, scallops etc.). A variety of corals, Invertebrates, Crabs, and shrimp will all benefit from live algae, along with Copepods, Amphipods, and Brine Shrimp cultures. Grow your own healthy rotifer cultures. If you feed live Phytoplankton to your aquarium, you will start noticing after 2 to 4 weeks, an explosion of micro fauna in your tank, like your copepod population and small shrimps, like mysid shrimp, & possibly even some new growth from your live rock that you haven't seen before.


BENEFITS OF GROWING YOUR OWN: Big savings in having to buy micro food. You will have your own constant supply! You will be feeding live cells to your tank and not introducing dead matter like dried or liquid formulations into your system. These dead feeds only get partially eaten by your system and 90% creates waste which goes into feeding and promoting nuisance pests and bacteria, not to mention, producing more unwanted poisons like nitrates and phosphates that we aquarium keepers are constantly fighting to keep under control with chemicals and water changes etc...


Live Phytoplankton will stay alive in your system and circulate until consumed fully. No waste! Micro fauna will come alive and thrive, not just survive in your aquarium. Ever get the impression after a while that the fish and corals in your aquarium are existing by "Survival of the fittest"? Well, live micro organisms are what's missing from your system! Example: When you see crabs or many of the fishes sifting through the gravel or sucking in water and it looks like they are aimlessly searching for food, they are actually using their gills to filter micro flora and fauna from the water. This process is an important supplement to their daily diet.

They receive vitamins and minerals this way in between their regular meals. Ever watch your beautiful crocea clam start out growing good and healthy, and even though you have all the proper conditions such as lighting, water parameters, calcium etc... it still slowly wilts away? Most likely it's missing live phytoplankton. Most animals have multiple ways of feeding and absorbing nutrients that they need. That's why those of us who study them are always debating the subject. Usually the answer is not one simple way or another.