Live Mysid Shrimp Guide


When you receive your Live Mysid Shrimp .  After acclimation, run all the contents of the bag thru an aquarium net capturing the shrimp. Then place shrimp in the tank or holding container. Acclimate according to instructions below.


PLEASE NOTE:  It’s normal to have less than but up to 20% - 25% mortality rate when you receive the mysid. We have added 25% extra to the quantities ordered to compensate in case of DOAS.

Float bag of live mysid shrimp in aquarium for 15 – 20 minutes to slowly equalize water temperature. After 20 minutes,  start adding a little amount of water from your aquarium system every 15 minutes. Continue this procedure for one hour. Then pour entire contents thru an aquarium net. Release netted shrimp in aquarium or sump/refugium; maybe some in each. When releasing live mysid shrimp in main tank, make sure lights are off and fish are sleeping or taking a nap. This gives the shrimp a chance to orientate themselves and see the danger that the fish present.