Brine Shrimp Copepod Hatchery Assembly Guide and Tips


Attach 4 pcs.  long uprights to one square side first. Then the other square side should slide right in on the other 4 ends of the long uprights. You can use any household glue or PVC Cement. Or you can assemble without glue if you ever want to disassemble stand in the future. Stand will work without being glued. NOTE: IF GLUE IS NOT USED, MAKE SURE YOU STICK THE PIPE IN AS FAR AS IT WILL GO TO PREVENT STAND FROM FALLING APART WHEN THE HATCHERY IS FILLED WITH WATER.  CAN USE A SMALL HAMMER TO TAP PIPE CONNECTION PIECES FULLY INTO PLACE TO ENSURE A SECURE, TIGHT FIT.


Attach airline to rigid tube.

Place rigid tube end down into the bottom of the hatchery. This is to keep egg from settling on the bottom.  Air stone not needed.

Fill hatchery with desired amount of water.

Place desired amount of eggs.

Set air bubbles as strong as possible, without the eggs being stuck to the sides of hatchery.

Depending on which type of eggs you’re using, it can take from 12 hours to 48 hours for hatching.

If using shelled eggs, to separate nauplii from shells, check periodically starting after 24 hours by turning off air and letting eggs settle. If you see baby brine shrimp you can harvest. If the eggs settle and there are no live shrimp, start aeration again. Unhatched eggs sink. Discarded shells float. Baby shrimp swim towards light source.


FOR HATCHERIES WITH VALVES: If you happen to catch the nauplii within three hours of hatching, they are weak swimmers, so when you turn off the air they will settle to the bottom and the empty egg shells will mostly float to the top. If your nauplii are already growing for more than a few hours, they will be stronger swimmers and will go toward the light. If this is the case, then shine a small flashlight on the bottom of the cone at the valve to attract the nauplii . When they congregate near the valve then open valve and dispense.

TIP: Decapsulated (shell free) eggs are a lot easier to harvest and hatch faster than regular shelled eggs.