Culturing Phytoplankton


Mix new saltwater. To 1.010 – 1.25 (30-35 ppm) specific gravity.

Always check salinity of algae culture, and mix saltwater to same salinity.

Age water for 3 hours, with aeration or water pump circulation. Water temp kept between 72- 85 Deg. F

Add live algae cell inoculation bottle (8 oz.) to 1 liter saltwater medium.

Add Phyto-Food  .5 mil per 1 liter medium.

Set air tube or air stone inside container to bubble from bottom of container.

Keep algae cells suspended in solution.

Wait 7 – 12 days and harvest when algae matures to a dark green color.

Then culture may be split to other containers or one larger container and restarted. Same procedure as above.


CULTURE PHYTOPLANKTON (Marine Algae) using PHYTO - FOOD  (Algae nutrient)

Start with a culture container (1 or 2 Liter Bottle). Fill with New mixed saltwater at between 1.020 – 1.025 salinity. Can use old aquarium water but must sterilize by boiling.

Add 1 ml Phyto- Food Per 2 liter bottle. This will provide enough nutrients for algae to mature and consume for 5 – 7 days. Period will depend on Photo period. (length of hours of light and dark)

Add your algae starter culture to this concoction.

 Water  temperature kept between 72- 85 Deg. F

Add an Air stone with medium aeration to help continuously  mix algae cells. This is to prevent algae from gathering in one place and blocking light penetration.

Can run light photo period 24 hours.  Any wattage light bulbs will do. The higher wattage the better.  Sunlight from a window will also do. Inexpensive 40 watt florescent bulbs and fixtures work great. Try to place bulbs as close to bottles as possible.

Wait and harvest after 5 -7 days.

Example: If you want to harvest on a daily basis. Wait until your culture is nice and thick, (dark green color) . Then start one culture every day for 5 days. Staggering each successive batch one day apart will yield one batch for use per day.