Micro Algae Food Nutrients Info

Micro Feeds. Enrichment diets. Food for Zooplankton and all filter feeding animals that we keep captive in our saltwater aquarium.

Feed cultures of Rotifers, copepods, Brine shrimp, Clams, Corals, Feather dusters and many more...

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Contains:   6 types of saltwater micro algaeTetraselmis, Isochrysis, Nannocloropsis, diatom (Thalassiosira Weissflogii) and more.

Originally designed as a zooplankton enrichment diet. Great Brine Shrimp Food, copepod food, rotifer food, clam food.

Consists of whole organism intact cells liquid preserved. In keeping with our line of Whole Organism Feeds.

We use this blend to grow and culture our zooplankton, Copepods, Brine Shrimp, Rotifers. We also use it to enrich our pods just before feeding to fish and shrimp larvae and corals. When your coral eats this or a zooplankton that has been enriched with Phytopreme Live you are providing it with a highly nutritious diet. Corals and fish and invertebrates will thrive when fed this Phytopreme Copepod food on a regular basis.

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Commercial Grade. Zooplankton Culture Grow out & Enrichment Feed
This highly concentrated nutritious micro food is developed by us at the Nursery Farm. It is commercial grade feed. We use this product to grow and develop many marine and freshwater animals and for culturing zooplankton. It has many uses in the aquarium trade. Great product for enriching live foods just before you feed them to your fish, Like Rotifers and Artemia ( Brine Shrimp), Daphnia, Copepods, Mysid Shrimp, Daphnia, Moina, etc... Marine uses: Feed micro fauna that eat micro algae, i.e., rotifers, brine shrimp. Use as an enrichment diet for rotifer and brine shrimp cultures. If you are already feeding live algae to your cultures, this is an excellent complement feed for some days when you might run low on your live algae. This can also be used as a great nutrition for all those filter feeding organisms in the home aquarium. Clams, feather duster worms, sponges, even anemone can benefit from bi -weekly dosing with this micro food. It will stay suspended in the water with the aquarium filter running. Corals will love this product, and fish will also absorb some of these vitamins in a secondary way by swimming through the water in the aquarium. If you feed brine shrimp to your aquarium critters, you can use this Roti-food to enrich them before feeding to fish. Your fish will absorb all these vitamins when they eat the shrimp that just fed on Roti - Food. Freshwater uses: You can use this feed to culture daphnia. Spirulina is a major component. It can also be fed to small brine shrimp and large feeder shrimp that you might feed to cychlid , Oscars, etc. All your freshwater crustacean , and filter feeders will also absorb this Roti - Food. Please keep in mind that this product is highly concentrated. So when dosing, less is more, better to under feed than over feed. Excess concentrations can pollute the water. You will receive detailed instructions for use. If You use feeder shrimp to feed your fish. This product is great for enriching the shrimp( filling them with vitamins and minerals before you feed you fish. (Cichlids, Oscars etc..) This Roti - Feed contains; single cell algaes , trace minerals, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and various vitamins, beneficial to aquatic animals. This product dose not contain any phosphates or nitrates, or preservatives.