Byozoan for Sale and Information on Bryozoans for Aquariums

Home grown in Florida USA!

Large Bryozoan colonies for sale not frags.

Our coral colonies for sale have not gone through the import machine from overseas with all the stress to the animals that the process entails.


Our Bryozoan corals are very hardy specimens easy to keep so you don’t need to baby this coral. Just give it high to moderate light and good water flow.


You will not be disappointed with these rare whole Bryozoan colonies offered here.


Tentacle are used to create a steady stream of water that is pushed through the pores or opening of the Bryo which then feeds on the microscopic organic particles, and phytoplankton and bacteria suspended in the water.

Reproduction in bryozoans is asexual in nature, like soft corals and hard corals alike.

Compare the look, texture and radiant color of this coral to Cyphastrea corals, Montipora corals, and others like Chalice corals.

You will find that our Bryozoa have the most unique colors hardly found in the most rare corals.

No special blue light needed to view the color of this bryozoan coral.

Compatible with all corals and saltwater fish in the reef tank aquarium.