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Plexiglas hatchery for hatching brine shrimp eggs culturing rotifers and live Copepods.

Brine Shrimp Hatchery made from cast acrylic plexiglas.

All of our laboratory grade culture tanks, aquarium tanks, brine shrimp hatcheries, Copepods culture tanks, Rotifer grow out tanks and hatching cones, egg tumblers are made from cast acrylic as opposed to extruded acrylic.

Difference between cast and extruded acrylic.

Cast acrylic is 30% stronger. 30% more clarity. A lot more scratch resistant.

Cost of cast acrylic is more than extruded acrylic.

Laboratory grade commercial Plexiglas Hatchery and Artemia Hatching Cone. Removable valve spout for easy cleaning and disinfecting. Aquaculture Hatchery.

Also find that we make culture Vessels and clear acrylic hatcheries and plexiglas hatcheries.