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Live sponges for sale. Rare specimens available, largest inventory of live sea sponges for sale on line.


No frags here in this section, you get whole colonies of our unique large sponges for sale.

Buy live sponges of the highest quality and get clean saltwater sponge specimens.

Get Live Sponge or a whole sponge colony for your saltwater reef tank and you get a beautiful display and a water filtering organism to help with water quality.

We have large sponges of many unique strains available for sale in our inventory.

Sponges are more hardy and easier to keep than most corals. Sponges still need good water quality and reef tank parameters in the aquarium system set up.

The weak point for sponges is in the handling from the collection process to the holder or aquaculture facility that handles the sponges to the shipping to the consumer. 

We are the source collector and the supplier to the public so we take care of the sponges on every facet of the handling  until you receive the specimens. From the ocean to quarantine to growing them in our aquaculture facility in our tanks for up to 6 months before making them available to the public.


If you want your saltwater aquarium to light up with striking colors that are more brilliant than most corals. If you want your tank to look like the natural ocean reefs and have all the different colors of the rainbow, buy a variety of sponges.

With sponges you don't need any special lighting like with corals to show the colors. You don't need to turn on blue lights to see colors in your reef tank anymore.

When you get sponges for your tank you can place them anywhere and you will be able to see and have all the colors of the rainbow on display with regular lighting throughout the day light cycle like in the pictures we have here.

All our sponge pics are taken with regular lighting and when you receive your new sea sponge it will look the same color that you see in the pics.

Shrimps, crabs, and Amphipods love to live inside and around the large sponge in a symbiotic relationship.

Add some peppermint shrimp to your sponge order and watch how the shrimp immediately go to the sponge in your tank and set up their living quarters. The peppermint shrimp will abandon their hiding places in the live rock work and populate the sea sponge.

Sea sponges are the peppermint shrimps natural habitat in the wild reefs.

Other animals that inhabit sponges are small porcelain crabs and amphipods.

These animals co exist with sponges in the wild, dedicating themselves to scraping and eating the nuisance coating algae that sticks to the sponge which enables the sponge to grow healthy and larger which in turn gives the shrimp and amphipods a larger and better home for their babies to grow.

You will find seahorses for sale on line but you rarely find other organisms that are directly associated with seahorses and are an important part of the seahorses natural habitat.

Now we have live sponges for sale which are one of the types of animals that seahorses associate with in the wild.


Live sea sponges make the best seahorse hitching post. Decorate your seahorse tank with sponges of different colors and watch your seahorses change color to match the sponge color.


When you buy seahorses for your aquarium and set up a seahorse tank, give the seahorse some sponges like our Tree Sponges which are one of the animals that are part of it's natural habitat.



Some questions about sponges.

Why are some sponges easy and others difficult to keep?

What do sponges eat in the home aquarium?

Why is the information mostly generalized and not very specific when it comes to sponges?


Good questions.


The problem is that all the writeup is mostly generalized information that we have learned by trial and error over 5 year period. So it definitely will engender more questions than answers.


The reason for this is because there has not been much serious studies on sponges yet by anyone in the world. there are millions of different types of sponges in the ocean reefs. We have been observing them and learning basic generalized information.


We classify Tunicates as difficult only because they seem to do well in some tanks and not good in other systems. In the future eventually when more people add their observations then we will have a more complete knowledge base picture.


We classify the ball, encrusting yellow, tree sponges etc. as easy simply because they seem to stay healthy in many different aquarium systems.


Encrusting sponges do cover any existing hard substrate, rocks etc. but they are not fast growing either.

 If your tank which is established and has healthy filter feeding organisms thriving in it, sponges should do well since they are a type of filter feeder. Water flows through the small pores or tunnels in the body of the sponge and there are microscopic hair follicles that trap and seize the passing particles in the water as food.

Are some sponges more difficult to keep in the home aquarium than others?


Yes some sponges are more difficult than others at the present. This is because not enough people have tried to keep them, also hardly any businesses have them available for people. Basically they have been largely ignored in the aquarium trade for home aquariums. Then there is just a few minor attempts at growing sponges that few individuals have made and experienced and then they write online papers of their experiences which mostly are negative in content. These are just very limited experiences that people have had. Just like many other so called hard to keep organisms that were considered difficult 5- 10 years ago are now presently considered every day easy to keep because enough people have tried and succeeded and then shared the info on line and figured out what each fish or seahorse etc. needs to be healthy in captivity.


Presently we are working hard to try and crack the code on different species like sponges so we can pass that knowledge forward to adventurous people such as yourself and then maybe some day you can add your experience to the pool. 


We have some exotic sponges that are super hardy and striking colors in captivity in our vats but we are currently offering those only to Florida delivery addresses because they don't seem to be able to handle high altitude negative pressure on airplane cargo holds. So we can ship those only ground transport for now until we figure out the shipping process problem.
Thinking about trying to keep live sponges in my mixed reef tank but would like more information about the care of different kinds of seas sponges.
There's not much known about sponges. Nobody has ever tried keeping sponges before  except for a few types. You can dose Phytopreme live in smaller doses more often also. There's not one way to do it.
Sponges filter water through their pores. There's just a few fish that can eat sponges. Some turtles feed on sponges. Angel fish of some types like queen angles can eat sponges. Most fish don't bother them. We've never had an aeptasia  anemone attach or grow on a sponge so don't know if they could.
Of your considering trying sponges your mostly breaking new ground.
We don't keep our sponges with any other organisms in their system except phytoplankton and some sponge crabs which spend their life scraping algae from the sponge, living symbiotically. 
General Info about buying sponges.

Sponges require special handling from the divers that harvest it to keeping in captivity (middle man) to packing and shipping and then on you the receiver. 

Most sponges are very hardy and easy to keep.

We have an advantage over all the other sellers in the fact that we control the entire process of procuring the sponges from the ocean and keeping and shipping direct to you.

There are no middle men involved with our live stock. We are the divers and the seller direct to the consumer.

Some of the issues involved are:

The basic info is that it should not be exposed to air at any time which most business people and divers know but don't always follow strictly when handling.

The sponge should not be squeezed even slightly in the handling.

Those white spots might be starting at the exact points where the sponge was squeezed by somebody handling it.

Sponge has to be kept in the proper environment if housed at a wholesaler for any length of time before it gets to you the retail customer. etc.

So it's impossible to guess or determine what happened to the sponges that you tried to keep that you got from irresponsible or inexperienced seller.

Too many different handlers in the long chain of custody leading and ending in you trying to keep them alive.

Sponges are very hardy in general and easy to keep in captivity, but they are not indestructible. 






Black ghost live sponge for sale

Black Ghost Sponge

Black Ghost Sponge Colony. Size: 4"-5". This rare sponge is mostly black with scattered highlights of red coloration on the stalks. This sponge specimen produces black lobby stalks and the base sticks to and encrusts on your rocks and substrate. Live...
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Saltwater corals Tunicates for Sale

Black Hole Tuni Coral L

Black Hole coral Tunicate large specimen. Extra large Size: 6" whole colony coral. Live Tunicate corals for sale for reef tanks. Tunicate corals do not require light they are non photosynthetic. Very hardy organism that is easy to keep and grow in...
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Black Tuni Sponge coral Colony

Black Hole Tuni Coral XL

Black Hole Tunicate coral extra large whole colony specimen. Extra large Size: 6"+ whole colony has over 12 heads on this rock as you see in the pics. Compatible with all types of corals like sps, lps,stonies and softies. Tunicate corals are non...
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Live Black Sponge for sale. Encrusting Black sponge rare collection for saltwater aquarium reef tanks.

Black Velvet

Black Midnight encrusting sea Sponge for sale. Buy live sponges and add variety and beauty to your saltwater reef tank aquarium. Peaceful nature go's well with all kinds of corals and fish. Size: 4"-6"   Find the most variety and best...
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Live sea sponge for saltwater reef tank aquariums.

Blue Goddess Combo Rock

Blue Goddess sponge with Red Encrusting sponges combo growing on large rock. Aprox size: 4"-5" See pics with hand. One of a kind live sea sponge combo as you see in the pictures. Requires 1 day shipping, Free on orders $175. otherwise please choose...
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Blue Goddess sponge for sale Get high quality and best prices for live spnges.

Blue Goddess Large

Blue Goddess sponge for sale. Buy live sea sponges for saltwater aquariums and reef tanks. Get the best selection and prices on line. We have rare specimens of live sponges available at Rusalty. Size: 3"-4".
Blue Goddess Sea Sponge

Blue Goddess Md

Blue Greek Goddess sponge for sale. Most variety and available stock of live sea sponges. We have rare specimens of live sponges available at Rusalty. Size: Medium 3"
Ultra Blue rare live sea sponge specimen

Blue Planet

Blue Planet sponge ultra blue sponge whole colony growing on live rock, rare one of a kind specimen live sea sponge for sale for aquarium. This sponge is now the most blue color that we have had so far. This sponge is for sale only to Florida residents...
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Sea Blue Planet sponge.

Blue Planet 2

Ultra blue sponge colony growing on live rock. Blue Planet Sponge for saltwater reef tank.   We have been culturing the original wild specimen sponge colony for 5 months and it has proven to be hardy, easy to keep and very adaptable to differing...
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Yellow Brown Finger Sponge for Seahorse Tanks

Branching Small

Live sea sponge branching color pattern runs from yellow to gold brown pattern. Get rare live Finger Knob sponges for sale. Great for Dwarf Seahorse aquarium set ups.   Peppermint shrimp and Amphipods live on the structure of the sea sponge...
Yellow Orange branching sponge for sale. Best seahorse hitching post for seahorse tanks. Buy live sea sponge for saltwater aquarium.

Branching Yellow Orange

Live sea sponge branching color pattern runs from yellow to gold brown pattern. Get rare Finger Sponges of all colors and shapes. Set up seahorse hitching post and seahorse aquarium habitat. Sponges make a great addition to the reef tank providing...
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Maroon Burgundy Velvet sea sponge.

Burgundy Velvet

Burgundy velvet sea sponge. Live sponges for sale get free shipping. Buy rare sponges of all types and colors. Add sponges to your seahorse tank so the seahorse has something familiar to attach to. Your seahorse will immediately gravitate towards the...
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Dragon Fire jumbo Sea Sponge Specimen for Sale

Dragon Fire Jumbo

Dragon Fire Sponge. Size: Jumbo 6"+.   Live Red Sea Sponges for sale for reef tank aquariums.   This sponge makes the best center piece for your saltwater aquarium.    Will rival and beat the colors and texture of any coral and...
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Rare Live Sponge Colony Specimen Bright Red Coloration large jumbo sized.

Dragon Fire Large 1

Dragon Fire Sponge. Size: 4"-6".   Dragon Fire Sponge colony Large sized specimen for sale.   Make this the center piece of your reef tank aquarium.   Non photo synthetic sponges just require some water flow and no special lighting...
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Fire Ball Dragons Tongue Macro Algae for Sale.

Fire Ball Gianormous 10"

Dragons Tongue Macro algae for sale also known as Pom Pom. You get an entire saltwater plant of Dragons Tongue Fire Ball Algae not a frag.   What plants do seahorses like? One of the best seahorse hitching post is our aquacultured dragons...
5 (2)
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Hayi Pom Pom Saltwater Plants for Sale. Red Dragon Macro Algae. Large Specimens available.

Fire Ball Macro Algae

Dragons Tongue Macro algae for sale also known as Pom Pom Macro Algae. You get an entire plant of Dragons Tongue Fire Ball Algae not a frag. Plant size you receive: Large 6"-8", Small 3"-4" diameter ball. This measurement is the diameter of a...
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Forest Fire Staghorn Coral Colony for sale.

Forest Fire Staghorn Coral

Forrest Fire Staghorn Bryozoan coral colonies for sale not frags.   Very hardy specimens easy to keep so you don’t need to baby this coral. Just give it high to moderate light and good water flow. First picture is of the large size 3"- 4"+...
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Gorgonian Combo 17

Gorgonian Combo 17

Gorgonian sponge combo rock with small yellow ball sponge for sale.
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Lettuce Macro Algae for Sale. Saltwater Plants available

Grass Lettuce

Grass Lettuce macro algae frag for sale. This sea lettuce algae is naturally rooted and attached to a small rock or shell like you see in the pics. Ulva Intestinalis also known as Gut weed or Grass Kelp, Sea Lettuce No more having to deal with your...
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Grey Encrusting Spotted

Grey Encrusting Spotted

Grey and white spotted. Texture and structure on this lovely sponge specimen. Live sea sponge for reef tanks and saltwater aquariums. Size Extra large colony 7"-8".  
Grey Blue Silky Sponge for sale.

Grey Silky Sponge

Grey silky sponge colony large specimen. Rare growth form of sponge silky skinned grey. size: 5-7 across widest point.
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