Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs Info

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Decapsulated brine shrimp eggs are available in different forms.

Decapsulated Dry form. Decapsulated brine shrimp eggs concentrated liquid non hatching ready to feed. Decapsulated hatching brine shrimp eggs.

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Great salt lake strain. These are 95% hatch rate or better. We use these eggs in our own nurseries.

The 8 liquid ounces bottle is equivalent to 100 1/2 teaspoon hatches .

You can use the cap on the bottle to measure. One cap is equal to one teaspoon. Keep refrigerated to last 6 months. 18 to 24 hours to hatch.

Triple Portion means 3 of the 8oz portions in one jar.

Commercial portion means: 10 of the 8oz portions in one bottle or more than 3 triple portions.

SALINITY: From 1.017 - 1.027. ( best at lower salinity) TIP: Can be hatched in 10 hours if incubated at 80 -83 deg.(hatch faster than regular dry eggs)
These can also be fed directly to live stock. Or you can even put some in your aquarium and they will hatch on their own and provide a constant supply of food for corals, anemones, and other picky eaters like mandarin gobies, or seahorses.
Tip: (Put them in when lights are out so the fish won't immmediately eat them as you drop them in).
DESCRIPTION AND FACTS: Decapsulated eggs are artemia cysts that the shell or capsule has been removed. What is left is just the brine shrimp embryo, ready to hatch. They will hatch a little smaller because they don't have to grow and struggle to escape their hard shell. As a result, hatching decap brine shrimp gives you a baby shrimp, with all or most of its egg yolk intact upon hatching, so you get a more nutritious food item for your fish. These eggs do not float. They are not buoyant like regular eggs. Since they are decaped they no longer have the natural buoyancy of the shell.
BENEFITS:Less than half the incubation period can be achieved,compared to dry eggs. Never again struggle with separating live baby shrimp from their eggs. Never again worry about accidentally getting egg shells in your tank, which can cause small fish or seahorses to choke. Also the excess shells go towards polluting the environment and causing excess waste. Never worry about getting bacteria from the egg shells which are known to carry all sorts of things in them. These decapped eggs are processed under sterile conditions and sterilized before bottling. You will immediately notice a much cleaner brine shrimp hatchery water. (Still recommended to always sieve your culture water and feed just the brine shrimp after rinsing).
Since this process makes it easier for them to hatch, you get a much higher hatch rate than normal hatching.
They spend less energy than having to hatch and brake through the shell.The yolk sack is intact upon hatching. Hatch a more nutritious baby shrimp.
If some happen not to hatch, you can still feed the unhatched eggs to your fish. Or you can just feed these eggs directly to your fish without hatching. These babies will live on their yoke sack one day longer and as a result, they will stay nutritional longer before you have to start feeding them. If you're interested in this product you might also be interested in the sieves that we make.