Copepod Net Plankton Net Guide and Tips


Tow Copepod Net behind a boat method.

Maintain no more than 3 mph or slower. Watch the current. Can add weight to the line in front of the Plankton Copepod net. 


Hang Copepod Net from a bridge method.

Add a fishing led weight 2 feet in front of the copepod net so plankton net will swim horizontally. Amount of led will depend on how much water current there is. Be careful if there is too much water current it can damagae the net. This plankton net is intended for the harvest microscopic organisms like copepods, rotifers and zooplankton.


Vertical Sampling method.

Tie a led weight to the bottom part of the cod or porpoise end of the net. Slowly lower net into the water to desired depth. If exact depth is required for zooplankton sample harvest, don't forget to measure yardage on your line and mark so you know how deep your going with the copepod plankton net.