Live Plankton

What is the ideal saltwater reef tank aquarium set up?

Ask mother nature. For millions of years mother nature has been creating and recreating the best complex environment for the fish and corals that are sheltered in her arms.

At first glance this environment is comprised of linked chains of life that are dependent on each other to sustain the whole.

A simple description of this whole life cycle starting from the smallest and moving upward is:

Bacteria to phytoplankton or single celled micro algae.

Phytoplankton comprised of thousands of types, some being Nannochloropsis, Tetraselmis, Isochrysis, etc.

Phytoplankton to zooplankton comprised of thousands of different types of Copepods, Amphipods, Mysid shrimp etc.

We are dedicated to discovering, studying, and farming all these types of micro fauna in the interest of learning how all these microscopic animals fit into the life cycle of our planet.

One of the byproducts of our endeavors is the beautiful reef aquariums that we keep. Saltwater tanks are a valuable observation tool to learn the behavior of all these animals interacting with one another and how they relate to our planet’s bio structure as a whole.

When setting up a saltwater coral reef tank, we are tasked to reproduce all the factors found in nature to make the captive reef environment as close to the natural habitat as possible.


Live Aquacultured Saltwater Plankton, or zooplankton is an essential coral food and fish food for captive kept fish and corals.

 Fish and corals prey on live plankton on the world's oceans coral reefs.

Live zooplankton cultures available for sale ready to ship to your door on a regular basis.