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Combo packs that contain all your live food organisms to feed seahorses. Maintain your seahorse tank with these live seahorse food combos and save.


I accidentally introduced all of my amphipods and baby brine shrimp culture that I received from rusalty to my seahorse tank. Will this be bad for my seahorse aquarium? Will the brine shrimp grow in my saltwater tank?

Yes it's ok. Brine shrimp are harmless filter feeders and help to clean your water while they are alive, like copepods and other zooplankton. Yes the ones that don't get eaten will grow. In fact the more they grow the better for the seahorses because they get more protein per catch when they hunt. Make sure you feed the tank a blend of multiple Live Phytoplankton like our Phytopreme Live. This will ensure that the shrimp are gut loaded when your seahorse ingest them. So they get the most nutrition from the shrimp instead of just protein. This is the very reason why live prey is the best food source for carnivorous animals, this is the only way animals and fish like seahorse can get their partially digested vegetables which have enzymes and vitamins that meat alone doesn't posses.



Saltwater Feeder Shrimp Ghost Shrimp Live seahorse food Pipefish, Angler fish, Cuttlefish, Octopus Grass shrimp Cultures high nutritional profile. Buy Feeder shrimp for saltwater aquarium reef

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Seahorse Combos 8oz

Best live seahorse food is Amphipods and Saltwater Ghost Shrimp. Get All of your most nutritious live seahorse food cultures combos for sale in one place. Buy food for seahorse for sale in a store that has the most variety of food for seahorses in one...
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Live plankton Variety.

Combos Large

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