Grow healthy phytoplankton cultures with phyto-food and macro- food algae fertilizer. Grow healthy mangroves and Macro Algae with Macro-Food.

Great for growing culturing Chaeto Macro Algae, and saltwater plants.

Chaetomorpha, Ogo, Gracilaria, Caulerpa, Fern, Nannochloropsis, Tetraselmis, Isochrysis, macroalgae.

Macro- Food

Macro- Food

Macro FoodCommercial strength fertilizer formulaFor Aquatic Plants & Macro Algae SAFE FOR LIVE FISH AND INVERTEBRATES Saltwater as well as Freshwater Plants and Macro Algae fertilizer. Food for Chaeto, Chaetomorpha, mangroves and all other macro...
Phytofood Grow Formula Macro Micro Algae Phytoplankton Saltwater Plant Fertilizer F2 Guilliards

Phyto-Food Phytoplankton Fertilizer

  PHYTO-FOOD   Our own blend of Phytoplankton Fertilizer. Phyto- Food. Grow marine Phyto Algae.   Buy marine saltwater Algae Grow Fertilizer Concentrate Formula.  Phyto-Food is our own blend of micro algae phytoplankton...
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