Saltwater Snails

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Where to buy clean up crews snails?


Buy saltwater Clean Up Crews snails aquacultured in USA.


Varieties of Saltwater Snails and other inverts available:


Nassarius Snails, Cerith Snails, Virgin Nerite Snails, Nerite Snails, Chestnut Snails, Margarita Snails, Trochus Snails, plus Emerald Crabs, peppermint shrimp, grass shrimp and many more….


If you need other quantities of saltwater reef snails other than the ones we have listed or different combinations of snails clean up crews, drop us an email and we will be happy to give you a quote.

Some of the saltwater snails we aquaculture are Astrea, Nassarius, Cerith, Star, Orange Chestnut, margarita, virgin nerite, nerite snails.

Role in Reef aquarium:  Scavengers, Detrivors,  Sand Sifters, Algae Control.

Reef Safe and very hardy; easy to keep. Control unwanted nuisance algae.

Each type of these saltwater snails has a different way of living and helping to maintain a healthy algae free aquarium.Great addition to the cleaner crew. 

Scavenger: They eat fish waste, leftover food, Red Slime algae that grows in the sand. They break down waste products that, if left unchecked, will eventually lead to outbreaks of nuisance algae. These snails are very efficient in their scavenger role. Having these snails is a great defense for having a clean, algae free sand bed. The snails go a long way to assist in controlling nuisance algae growth indirectly.

DetritusNassarius snails eat diatoms, algae, bacteria, and any kind of detritus (waste) in your sand bed.  So if you want a nice clean sand bed without having to sift the sand by hand involving laborious hours when you service your tank, these snails will save hours of work.

Sand Sifting:  They stay under the sand and glide along about a half inch under the surface of the sand all day. Providing yet another important service in our captive reef aquariums, the snails stir the sand which is a natural action that happens out in the natural ocean reefs. In nature, when the ocean gets rough due to bad weather, the sand gets shifted around which promotes oxygen and renews the microscopic life in the sand beds of the ocean. This process is an essential step in the health of our ocean reefs and estuaries. These little snails, no bigger than ½ inch, are constantly renewing the microscopic environment in the sand beds when the weather is calm for extended periods of time, preventing our reefs from getting stagnant.

The nassarius snails have a unique behavioral characteristic. They burrow in the sand all day and stick out a tube, like a little dive snorkel, this seems to be a sensory organ like a human nose. They are highly sensitive to any changes in the water. You will notice that they can sense the food being put in the tank when you feed the fish, and can react faster than many fish.

They will come out of the sand from underneath and pinpoint the location of the food immediately to get their “share”.  You will observe that they also defend their catch by pulling the food down under the sand where the fish can’t steal it from them. These snails are surprisingly fast moving when they need to be. They are quickly being recognized by hobbyist worldwide as an essential for our modern reef aquariums.

Since they are highly active, they are also a very interesting animal to observe and to watch their animal behavior. If they find favorable conditions in your tank don’t be surprised if they start breeding, if this happens you will start seeing egg clusters on the glass of the tank.