Red Mangrove Tree Seedling Care Guide



 When you buy Red Mangrove Tree Seedlings. When your red mangrove seedlings start sprouting leaves, don’t forget to spray/clean the leaves with fresh water occasionally to wash off any salt spray residue that comes from your salt water. Salt accumulation from the water spray prevents the leaves from photosynthesizing. Also make sure that the top part of the seedlings ARE ALWAYS ABOVE WATER.




I know the Saltwater Red Mangroves are your bread & butter, but do you also have Brackish or dare I say it.. Freshwater specimens??




This would be a huge plus in the business with people who have red-eared sliders or anyone in the full terrapin group.




Because turtles are difficult to keep a good water balance with the helpful bacteria, the mangroves are used to help balance out the nitrates.




If you were to acclimatize salt water mangroves to brackish, you would have a huge following, and I would be more than happy to advocate for you on the many social media platforms for Diamondback Terrapins and other underwater turtles.




And if you are to decide to go one step further and actually have, dare I even say it... FRESHWATER Red Mangroves, You would be making a ton of clientele to use these lifesaving plants in countless aquariums, EVERYWHERE!



I understand your frustration with trying to adapt/grow our saltwater mangroves in fresh water. You are having to deal with too many factors that require almost a green thumb and also time spent in a learning curve.


I suggest the best recommendation that I can give you at this point is to order and plant our seed propagules.


This way you have an 8 out of 10 germination ratio and you will definitely succeed in having beautiful  healthy Mangroves that are naturally adapted from germination to your particular environment and water parameters.


You just have to wait a little longer for the seeds to start growing.


but it will be worth it.


Then after you succeed you could recommend the same to your fellows in the freshwater hobby.


You'll have a positive experience to tell them.


this is the reason why we offer seed propagules.


We just can't grow brackish and freshwater cultures along with our saltwater greenhouses or we would have already done it. Just can't do it all.


When you start from the seed before it germinates it will automatically be adapted and growing in any water condition you start it in. Even stagnant water with no current etc..


Then you can just worry about the climate in your area if your planting outside.


You can plant your mangrove seedlings directly into your aquarium substrate, or if you wish, you can have them suspended with the top of the seedling above the water. Just make sure that you have enough lighting for the plant to photosynthesize & MAKE SURE THAT THE SEEDLINGS WILL NOT GET BURNED BY THE HEAT FROM YOUR LIGHTS IF IT IS ABOVE WATER.

 Buy red mangroves tree seedlings for sale and get the best water quality in the aquarium.

If by chance the mangrove roots break, don’t worry. The plant will just grow other roots. Similarly with the leaves. Even if the stem breaks, the plant will grow leaves from the stub/stem. It will just take longer for the leaves to grow, but they will grow. Mangroves are very hardy plants.