Live Baby Brine Shrimp

Buy Live Baby Brine Shrimp. Get Baby Brine Shrimp Cultures. Free Shipping Artemia Nauplii.

Excellent food for jellyfish, corals, fish and other animals.:

Saltwater animals such as anemones, mandarins, seahorses, gobies, Clownfish, damsels, and any fish that eats meaty foods will benefit from live, newly hatched brine shrimp. It can be target fed to anemones. They will stay alive when used to feed freshwater aquariums, for a few hours. Long enough to be consumed by your fish. Feed Live Baby Brine Shrimp to your Tetras, Cardinal tetras, angelfish, Discus, cychlids, and any omnivore or carnivore.

Raising Fish fry and Larvae: Excellent for raising Clownfish fry, Seahorse fry, Discus fry, Cardinal fry, Goby fry, Discus fry, Angelfish fry, Killifish fry, Guppy fry, Beta fry, etc.
Live Baby Brine Shrimp are and excellent food for Jellyfish. Live Baby Brine Shrimp can be enriched with our Roti-food 4 hours before feeding to aquarium.
Can be kept alive for extended periods up to approximately two weeks or so by placing in the refrigerator. Cold temperature slows down their metabolism, thereby, they grow much slower, and remain with their yolk sac longer.

Benefit of live baby brine shrimp foods:
Live foods such as Live Baby Brine Shrimp contain essential vitamins, amino acids, Fatty acids, enzymes, etc. Whereas, dry foods contain very little to none of these elements when they undergo the drying treatment. Frozen foods are somewhat better, but still lacking a lot of these essential elements. When animals hunt and eat live food, they are ingesting a fresh kill which will contain these important elements in their diet. Even we as humans, in this modern age, are sometimes diagnosed by the doctor as having various vitamin deficiencies.  For example, Calcium and mineral deficiencies. And lately, enzymes have become a documented issue. We eat processed foods, so we end up having to try to supplement our diet with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.
Same thing our marine pets are missing. Dried and frozen foods are OK to maintain our fish and corals and invertebrates, but they will slowly become deficient in all the necessary nutrients and minerals that they need to survive for their normal extended life span. By feeding live foods to our aquarium occupants, we ensure their reproductive, immune system, and optimum growth levels are maintained. So it is very important for a nursery and hatchery be setup to feed live foods as often as possible. Likewise, in the home aquarium situation, we should try to feed live foods to our fish and corals at least once a week, thus complementing their regular diet of frozen or freeze dried. Live Baby Brine Shrimp are the answer to an affordable fish food, we can deliver on a regular schedule with Free Shipping to your door.