Wholesale Tropical Fish

Wholesale Tropical Fish

Wholesale saltwater tropical fish and organisms such as inverts, snails, macro algae, and more at large quantities discounts.

Live saltwater aquarium animals will show available periodically in wholesale quantities when they are plentiful and in season.


Saltwater snails in bulk wholesale quantities available as clean up crews for reef aquarium tanks.


Get the best prices when you buy live snails in bulk for large tank systems and breeder facilities tanks.


Buy Wholesale quantities of marine macro algae.


Saltwater plants of all kinds and never before offered marine aquarium specimens.


Get invertebrates like lantern shrimp, amphipods and copepods in bulk packaging at wholesale prices.


May have 1-2 week lead time for some organisms.




Dove snails size for sale. live saltwater snails.

Dove Snails Wholesale

$175.00 On Sale
Dove snails sold in wholesale quantities available in bulk quantities for saltwater aquarium maintenance.   Dove snails will keep your aquarium clean of unwanted nuisance algae and will not bother corals and rockwork.   Excellent clean up...
Collonista sp. live saltwater snails for sale. Get Mini Turbo snails to help clean nuisance algae for your tank.

Mini Turbo Snails Wholesale

Mini Turbo snails wholesale quantities available for sale.   Mini turbo snails are one of the best small algae cleaning snails to introduce to the saltwater aquarium reef tank.   Due to the small size Turbo snails are able to get into small...
Buy Glowing Marginella snails.

Glowing Marginella

Glowing Marginella live saltwater snails wholesale for marine aquariums and reef tanks.   Marginella snails are a very useful clean up crew to add biodiversity to the saltwater aquarium habitat.   These small snails will burrow into the...
Green Lantern shrimp for sale for saltwater aquarium and reef tanks.

Lantern Shrimp

Green Lantern Shrimp in bulk wholesale quantities.   Saltwater Green Lantern Shrimp are a unique organism available for the first time in the aquarium trade.   Be the first to offer this very colorful addition to any saltwater aquarium...
Close up Cerith snails saltwater snails for sale. Get live Saltwater snails to clean algae in reef tank

Cerith Large Wholesale

$350.00 On Sale
Large Florida Cerith snails for saltwater aquariums in wholesale bulk quantities for sale, available in large quantities periodically while in season.   Cerith snails are one of the best least intrusive type of marine snails that will eat copious...
Amphipods for live feed for aquarium fish

Amphipods Bulk

$239.00 On Sale
Amphipods Wholesale 6000 cnt + 10% extra, get saltwater Amphipod cultures available in bulk quantities and save.    We pack actual counts of Amphipods at the best Amphipod prices on line and can't be beat.   Get clean...
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