Tunicates for Sale Rare types

Welcome to the wonderful world of Tunicates.

Tunicates home grown in Florida.

Buy Tunicates for sale worry free.

Buy full colonies of Tunicates in all exotic colors and shape structures to complement your corals on display.

No special blue light needed just to view the colors. Just give them some water flow and place anywhere in the tank.

Easy to keep hardy organisms so you don’t have to worry about survivability when transplanted to your home aquarium.

Our Tunicates are not imported from some far off country and subjected to the stresses of handling and time spent going through the importation process which leads to low percentage of survival rates by the time we introduce them to our tank.

Tunicates are in their own Subphylum called Urochordata and are included in the same Phylum Chordata as vertebrates (e.g. mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and fish).

Tunicates are classified in the animal group most closely related to humans.

You will find when observing your new tunicate pet that many small animals will naturally make their homes and host in and on the tunicate.

Your Amphipods, Copepods, brittle starfish, cleaner shrimp like peppermint shrimp and small crabs of all kinds spend their entire lives living symbiotically with the tunicate.

These small animals will live and reproduce and thrive in the tunicate, setting up breeding colonies of Amphipods and Copepods.


Also, scientists are busy studying the cellulose found in tunicates which could be used in the near future to help repair or even grow human muscle tissue.

Researchers have been studying various properties of tunicates and have learned that they may possess important anti-cancer properties. A group of chemicals called “Palmerolides” that are found in the body tissues of some tunicates is extremely active against melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

Because tunicates are filter feeders, they help improve water quality in the reef tank aquarium by removing particulates and excess nutrients from the water, just like many of our other filter feeders like oysters and clams of all types.

Tunicates are filter feeders, this means that they have two siphons. One siphon takes water in, then particles such as phytoplankton and oyster eggs are extracted from the water for food, and the second siphon expels the cleaned purified water out.

Tunicates help maintain water quality in the reef tank.

Reef friendly Tunicates will not bother corals or fish in the reef tank set up.