Dry Fish Coral Food Instructions

Our ANF Dry Fish food whole organisms can be re-hydrated in a cup of water for 5 minutes prior to use for feeding. Used for target feeding corals, anemone etc. This helps to make them more neutrally buoyant so they suspend better in the water column. Most of your animals, from filter feeding clams and duster worms, to corals, fish and inverts, are genetically programmed to feed out of the water column on suspended food and particles. Once the food settles on the bottom of your aquarium it either gets utilized and eaten by some scavenger (hermit crabs etc.) that you might have in your aquarium, or it gets broken down by bacteria which will start producing nitrates and phosphates etc.,  which will lead to an overload of your filtering system.

FIRST METHOD:  You can use this feed like any dry food, by just sprinkling some directly into aquarium. Just make sure that when you use this method, that you turn off your filter pumps for about half an hour, so it does not get sucked down before your animals have a chance to consume it.

SECOND METHOD:  Re-hydrating method: Add a portion of feed to a cup of water and gently stir for 5 - 6 minutes until feed absorbs water. You can prepare enough for a week if mixed in saltwater (SALTWATER TANKS ONLY) and kept refrigerated. Freshwater tanks (USE FRESHWATER) will have a shorter shelf life, maybe for two or three days.

THIRD METHOD:  Can be added and mixed with frozen food. Thaw frozen food in a cup and add a little water then add a portion of the dry feed. Mix until you form a thick liquid paste consistency. Storage same as above.