Live Copepod Habitat Pod Haven Guide

Copepod Habitat Culturing. 

Copepod Haven can be placed anywhere that you are growing copepods and shrimp.

Attach air pump line to a rigid air tube. 

This operates as an air uplift, meaning the air pumps water out through the top of the tube, providing filtration and water circulation. The stronger your air pump is, the more water it will pump.

The haven can be placed totally submerged to the top of the white PVC being 1-2 inches above the water line, depending on how strong your air supply is; as long as you see water and bubbles coming out of the top of the haven. This oxygen rich environment provides an ideal home for pods and micro fauna of all kinds to nest.

To harvest pods when you need them, just take the Haven out and shake vigorously over a bowl of tank water.