FREE Shipping

Some highly sensitive organisms require 1 day express shipping


Other less sensitive organisms still have the option of free USPS shipping.


Our new shipping options allow all concerned to save time and money in the long term.


You have 3 shipping options:

Standard Free USPS 3-5 day transit for non perishable items such as fish and coral food.

UPS 2 day  service, nominal flat rate fee for as many items.

UPS 1 day flat rate service and free for orders over $200.

Some items do not count towards the $200 total.


Adapting to the current state of affairs in regards to deterioration in carrier service with live shipments.


You can continue to afford to feed live food to your reef tank and fish pets through these trying times.


We are the only company that is able to continue to supply you with live food organisms to feed your saltwater aquarium with free shipping.


You can continue to save with free shipping when buying Amphipods, Copepods, Feeder Shrimp, Mysid cultures and more!


We are the only company that has developed unique packaging methods which allow us to ensure you receive live healthy cultures despite delays in transit which are occurring more often.


Rest assured that no matter which carrier service you choose, we guarantee live arrival provided someone is present to receive the package and report any issues at time of delivery. Please report as detailed as possible upon opening the package, which helps us better serve you in the future.


Tracking will be emailed to you when shipped. We provide tracking so you will know when delivery will occur.


If you need delivery to occur on a specific day, please let us know your requirements.


We are very flexible when it comes to meeting your needs and providing excellent service. So please work with us and let us know if you have special needs for delivery. 


Live orders ship the following Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs, following when we receive your order.


New Copepod packaging method.



We are now packing 50% more Copepods than advertised per order for the same low prices.


       You will notice a difference in the life of the Copepods when you receive your package…even with priority mail which can take up to 4 days in transit.


       With our new packing method, test trials show Copepod viable survival rates at 7 days is 95% alive. Compared to old packing method at only 20% alive after 7 days in bag.


        You will receive 95% or higher survival rates, healthier and livelier copepods and 50% more Copepods per order for the same price.