Burning Bush Ginormous

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Burning Bush Giant macro algae for sale.

Naturally rooted saltwater marine macro algae for sale on a live rock base. This makes this macro very hardy and easy to keep,easy to place in your reef tank when you receive it.

This macroalgae is in the bright red gracilaria family, you get a full plant grown on a live rock.

Now you can place your macro algae in any place in your tank without worrying about trying to secure the algae and have it float around and get stuck on your overflow and possibly clog the drain. Or get lost among your rock work and not get any light.

Size: Ginormous.

You receive a unique one of a kind specimen to be used as a center piece for the reef tank aquarium or planted saltwater aquariums like you see in the pictures with the ruler showing this saltwater plant.

Size 12 inches plus.

Find unusual marine plants and sea algae macro algae only available at RUSALTY.

Many new specimens that have never been available in the saltwater aquarium trade offered here for the first time by RUSALTY.