Frag Plugs Stony Coralline.

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Frag Plugs Cerameco Stony 1" Hole in Center.


Buy Cerameco Vidarock  frag plugs stony for the most efficient fragging and achieve a pleasant look in the process.

These ceramic coral frag plugs are the best in the industry. Made to look like coralline algae. So when you place your new coral frags in your display tank they will blend in with the live rock and not stand out like traditional white frag plugs.

This Frag plug has everything that you could want in a plug. Easy snap off stem, brakes off clean for special mounting needs. Nice purple color to blend in when you place it in your show tank. Textured surface for ease of gluing and promoting coral growth. Different diameter sized stems for fitting snuggly in egg crate racks, to prevent the new baby coral frags from vibrating and shaking in strong water flow.  Slightly domed mounting surface. Some of these types have a 1/4" hole in the middle for inserting and gluing stemmed corals like acropora and millipora. No pre soaking or curing needed.



 1″ diameter mounting surface with 3/8″  round stem.

Natural weathered coral surface ideal for gluing, coral adhesion and growth.

Realistic natural looking shape and color.

Snap off stem.

1/4″ hole on mounting surface makes for easy gluing of branching stony SPS corals.

Thicker 3/8″ stem fits snugly in egg crate for extra stability in high flow environments.

Made from ceramic, no pre-soaking neccessary.


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