Cooler Converter

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Buy Live Bait fishing Cooler converter. Get Live Fish bait Cooler converter and keep your live fishing bait alive all day. Never worry about keeping your bait alive again when you use our unique patented Live Well Cooler Converter. DIY baitwell for fishing catching flats fishing, ocean fishing, off shore fishing, river fishing, lake fishing.


How to make a DIY live bait well from any cooler. Easiest way to make a bait well live well out of a cooler or ice chest.


Keep live bait alive and fresh all day. Turn any cooler into a live bait well live well. No work easy to install. Coolers with 3/4" mail thread drain.

Virtually indestructible. You can place it on the ground and run it over with your car and still use it. Did you ever buy a cooler converter and install it and have you cooler bounce around in your boat and it cracks the first time out on the water?

Our cooler converter will outlast the life of multiple coolers and be able to handle any kind of rough treatment when you are out fishing. You'll never have to buy another cooler converter again. This is a one time purchase.  Will sustain live bait like minnows, shrimp, poggies, manhaden, pinfish, crabs, sardines, and many more.  Here's the dream product fishermen have been waiting for. This attachment converts any cooler that has a 3/4" screw on cap into a live bait well. All live bait fishermen know the wonders of how good an insulated cooler is for keeping live bait alive.


The picture sequence show how to install. Will fit any cooler that has a 3/4" threaded drain cap. It is non corrosive heavy duty marine grade plastic that will not be affected by detergents, saltwater, UV or anything else. It can take all kinds of abuse. You can kick it around and bang it on the boat, you will break the side of your cooler before this will break. Your anchor can land on it. Your cooler can fall on top of it etc. Won't even dent this little device. You can literally drop your cooler on cement right on top of this fitting and it doesn't bother the fitting.

Designed and produced by Aquaculture Nursery Farms. Originally made for converting any cooler to a live fish well to be used in transporting live saltwater Reef Aquarium fish and corals.

This attachment comes as you see in the pictures. Does not include the air stone.